It's tempting to just hang out at home where it's warm and comfortable but there's stuff that's gotta get done. Rehearsals with the new bass player are going well. We discovered he also sings pretty good harmony, something I think he now regrets letting me know. He has to play bass and sing harmonies at once. It's not easy. It also looks as if there might be a drummer/percussionist coming on board. Andi plays well, listens, and seems to be interested in hanging out a while. This is how I look at it. I need good players. My stuff isn't usually so complex but truth is it's harder to play simple stuff well than more complex, but I digress. This usually means the musician is already involved in at least one other band/project. My question is can he play my music. His is trying to work out if this could go anywhere and how much can I make how soon. Musicians gotta eat too. I get it. With luck the right people cross your path eventually and you both fit into each other's big picture. Sound simple? It ain't.[wp-svg-icons icon="home" wrap="i"] My last 2 CDs, "Oblivia" 2016 and "The Lowdown" 2013 are now available here [wp-svg-icons icon="radio-checked" wrap="i"]